Commercial Network

The comercial expansion of Sacoje has continued to feed its international destinations, exporting to countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark, and to a lesser extent to Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Lithuania, Portugal and Sweden.

Even so, the percentage of our production continues growing nationally thanks to our artisan specialties of bimi and broccoli and that taste and flavour are not limited by borders; Thanks to our privileged climate, and a very special environment for growing, the company always renews itself to continue growing socially and technologically, seed to seed.


That is why the domain and experience to achieve the excellence of the crops together with a competent and forward looking team of people, allows Sacoje to constantly improvement with all the people, institutions and groups with which it is related, achieving the most demanding certifications of the European Market: BRC, HACCP, Food Defense, Global-Gap (GRASP), Tesco Nurture, Field to Fork and LEAF.

The guarantee to the client, the personalized treatment of both conventional and organic products and our leadership in distribution are the guidlines to which we work.


Likewise, our quality protocols allow farmers and workers to get involved and coordinate in the different production processes working with the highest safety and hygiene conditions, favoring growing techniques that are enviromentally aware.


Nutritional and functional

The desire for improvement and innovation of Sacoje in the research work follows a continuous evolution, since thanks to the R & D processes on the basis of the traditional products marketed by Sacoje, it has continuously experimented with how to improve the varieties in order to enrich the nutritional and functional advantages of the products. To that end we share research and development with research centres such as the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, more specifically the Post-Collection Team of the Agronomic Faculty.