We at Sacoje want to work financially, enviromentally and socially responsably said responsability forms an integral part of our business now and in the future,forming an integral part of our long term plans environmental and social responsibility is part of our present and future plans. In recent years Sacoje has aimed to devote all the necessary effort to establish viable systems that allow a continuous improvement in all areas of develoment that are required and demanded by our customers.

Our objective is to offer the highest quality and service with the sanitary guarantees and always in accordance with the current legislation. We are immersed in a process of continuous improvement, which we believe is a necessary pillar to continue guaranteeing quality products and services now and in the future.

The social, ecological and environmental policies are pillars that underpin each process by which we evolve as a cooperative within Europe, invigorating our ambition as well asthe varieties of our fruits and vegetables.




Our mission is to establish long term relationships to coordination between the possibilities of production and or grower members as well as attending to the commercial needs of our customers, putting in the organizational infrastructure and necessary resources to satisfy their expectations ,thereby providing them the services and products of maximum quality always carefull to be enviromentaly responsable. In this way ensure not only the most econmically viable returns to our grower members but also ensure that employees not only have stable and long term employment but can also offer them constant improvement in their profesional ambition with the cooperative.



To achieve its objectives, Sacoje needs to maintain a constant state of development and improvement, which allows it to be a competitive company, with the capacity to adapt to new circumstances and with the possibility of introducing new products and conquering new markets, so that it can guarantee its grower members the possibility of continuing to develop their activity and obtain maximum profitability from their farms. This in turn will allow us to ensure t professional opportunities to our employees.


The values ​​that guide Sacoje’s work and activity are:

  • Maximum quality and food safety of our products, as part of a fundamental commitment to consumers.
  • The best performance and service to our custoemrs and grower members.
  • The highest standards of saftey and health of our workers.
    Keep working on innovation and development.
  • Respect for the environment.
  • Working closely with the goverment departments on the environment and intergating those policies into our grower memebrs farming methods as well as ensureing safe and responsible residue controls.


At present, SACOJE is composed of 18 members and about 2200 hectares of cultivated land of which some 2000 hectares are located in the Guadalentín Valley of Murcia, and the remaining 200 in higher altitude areas. It is also worth noting that over 275 hectares are currently destined for organic farming. The main purpose of this section is to maximize the value of our company, whilst obtaining the maximum return on our grower members investments.

To meet the expectations of our partners, business management will be based on the continuous modification and revision of our business strategies, adapting our business to the changes that occur in the comercial enviroment and adopting a dynamic position in the market to take advantage of opportunities that may arise.

For SACOJE, the human aspect is a priority, so:

  • Compliance with labour laws and regulations; Absolute respect for the different opinions and cultural outloooks is encouraged with the consequent prohibition of any form of harassment and discrimination.
  • Respect for and protection of the environment as well as the occupational health of the staff.
  • The internal policies and regulations are defined, communicated and enforced amonst the staff and grower members.
  • All employees are responsible for rigorously complying with health and safety regulations at work and for ensuring their own safety and that of the people affected by their activities.

All employees are responsible for rigorously complying with health and safety regulations at work and for ensuring their own safety and that of the people affected by their activities.


Any relationship with our clients must comply with a commitment of honesty and professional responsibility.


SACOJE has established and implemented mandatory standards in terms of health and product safety, guaranteeing that all the products that it commercializes with its customers do not imply health risks. Sacoje has fulfilled the following regulations for several years.

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