Production and Innovation

The selection of vegetables and fruits is the root of the sustainable effort of a human team with great social responsibility. Sacoje ensures the unmistakable taste of fresh products that have been cultivated with the highest specialization of seeds and technological processes in the agricultural sector, offering optimal food safety guarantees that enhance the product’s own craftmanship and the agility of its expedition.

In our facilities of more than 30,000 m2 we find the artisan packaging and packaging of the vegetables with the longest route and international projection, such as broccoli, bimi and lettuce, as well as using 935 m2 exclusively for organic products.

And is that the taste, freshness and benefits find their own meaning in Sacoje.



Sacoje is a cooperative and proud of its crops, which is why it produces and markets products of excellent quality. Our grower memebers bring experience, heart and professionalism and the constant renewal of our technological systems guarantee the necessary competitiveness to control the selection of the best seeds.


Each one of the people that make up our team of agronomists control the development and the complete production processes, specializing in the state of the land, thoroughly examining the transplant process and checking the quality aspect of the plants, generating crops properly tailored for the future.


The state-of-the-art technology that we possess allows us to control all the scenarios that we may need to adapt to, together with qualified staff that makes it possible to manage all the processes of our product to the high standards of quality sand sustainability demanded by our customers throughout Europe.

These systems and people generate the deand for our products, we not only obtain efficiencies , but also allows us to meet the highest level of food saftey stanards.


In our facilities we also have a rapid cooling tunnel of large capacity, as well as the existence of a large vacuum cooling with capacity to cool 8 pallets each cycle. We have more than 23,000 m3 of cold chamber capacity divided into 13 storage chambers.

Located in La Hoya, Lorca, we are close to most of our farms, thus minimising that the time between harvesting and cooling the product.


Craftsmanship is the quality and the primary definition of Sacoje; we combine tradition and innovation in a sector that is constantly renewing itself, being one of the pioneering cooperatives in producing organic crops to respect the environment and maintain a sustainable development in a industry rich in tradition. At Sacoje we constantly strive to update all the phases and process of the crop, constantly trialing new varieties of product and crops, taking care of every little detail that our customers appreciate in our products, care of these details is extended to the storage of our fruits and vegetables, whilst maintaining the traditional requirement of the packaging processes and adapting our transport to the needs of the market, it is then when we realize that atention to detail makes all the difference


Sacoje not only takes care of your products, but we also have our own registered brands that guarantee the denomination of origin its freshness and quality throughout Europe. We take pride in the quality controls to which our products are subjected to whilst our haulage controls allows the real time tracking of our products from dispatch to customer delivery.
At present we have three registered brands: Sacoje, Passion Fresh and X-tra.