The Bimi‍® has become a jewel in the world of vegetables. The combination of broccoli and Chinese cabbage offers a unique result with high nutritional value. It belongs to the cruciferous family sharing its space with brussels sprouts kale cauliflower and pak choi.

Characterized by its vibrant green color, it has long and slender stems with a length of approximately 15 cm. Its smooth and crunchy texture is combined with small heads of loose crowns at the top, simulating leaves where tiny yellow flowers bloom. Its versatility in the kitchen is outstanding, as it can be enjoyed steamed, grilled, roasted or even raw. In addition, every part of the Bimi‍® is edible, from its stem to the flowers.

In terms of nutrition, it’s a treasure. Rich in fiber and potassium, it stands out for its high content of vitamins of the B complex and surprisingly, surpasses the orange in vitamin C. It is an excellent source of calcium and magnesium, contributing to the regulation of blood pressure and bone maintenance. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory function, thanks to sulforaphane and flavonoids, protects against cellular oxidative damage and strengthens the antitumor effect in the body.

In short, the Bimi® not only delights the palate with its unique flavor and delicate texture, but also stands as a superfood that enriches our diet with a combination of essential nutrients.