Agriculture is one of the oldest and most fundamental activities carried out by humanity, and has been, without a doubt, the pillar on which our societies and cultures have been built. Each year, Agriculture Day gives us the opportunity to reflect on the importance of this essential activity and to highlight the role of those who dedicate their lives to cultivating the land.

Among the many functions of the agricultural sector, its mission to supply the homes of the world with the products of the earth stands out. In addition, agriculture provides employment to millions of people around the world, contributing to the economic stability and development of rural communities. It also has a profound impact on the environment, as the way we farm the land, manage water resources and treat agricultural waste can have significant effects on the health of our planet. Sustainable agriculture has therefore become a global priority to mitigate climate change and preserve biodiversity.

On this special day, the real protagonists are all those people who dedicate their lives to work for agriculture and to value this important activity. At Sacoje we are very proud to be able to share our passion for agriculture with the new generations of the different families that make up our company. From Sacoje we wish you all a happy Agriculture Day!