The Sacoje seedbed gets to work and begins with the work of grafting watermelon and planting the first melon seeds for the 2023 season.

Watermelon, melon and limelon are the first products that are already in the Sacoje seedbed.

Having our own seedbed guarantees quality control throughout the process. In the case of watermelon, we control the graft from start to finish. From the pumpkin seeds to the plant ready to transplant is done in-house by our seedbed team. The grafting of watermelon is done manually and individually. This means that before starting their transplant in the field, the plants have been selected one by one. Thus, we guarantee and corroborate that they meet the necessary standards for their cultivation.

At the end of the campaign, the results on the productivity of the grafts will be analyzed, in addition, a comparison is carried out with that of previous years in order to continue improving. At Sacoje we work to be able to offer the best product at all times.